LingoAce - Online Mandarin Learning App For Kids Aged 3-8

Research, UI/UX Design, Illustration

Research, UI/UX Design, Illustration

Headquartered in Singapore, LingoAce is a leading EdTech company dedicated to providing high-quality immersive language learning experiences for children aged 3 to 15.

After conducting a user interview with parents whose children were taking LingoAce live Mandarin lessons, they found that they were unable to solve all their users’ pain points by simply improving the existing platform. So they decided to create a brand new product that targets children aged 3-8 whose parents cannot spare much time for their children’s Mandarin learning. The main challenge for us was to make sure the youngest children could understand what they should do next and the oldest children still feel challenging and not get bored, so we made the interface extremely intuitive by using straightforward buttons, hints and feedback (visual and audible) with bright colors. For the parental control area, we provided learning reports and achievements with the shortest user path, where they could keep track of their child’s learning and progress easily.

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