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Kurious - Branding and Mobile App

February 27, 2023

Loco Surf is a new surf shop in Sanya Bay, Hainan Island, China, offering surfboard and wetsuit rentals as well as surf lessons. They believe that surfing is easy and accessible and that everyone can enjoy the sport. Targeting the youth market (specifically millennials and Gen Z), Loco Surf needs its brand design to be vibrant, witty, and enthusiastic, and to resonate well with rebellious, bold, and assertive customers. Nevertheless, conveying trust and credibility remains one of the most important things when building a brand identity. Their mission is to create enjoyable, safe, and unforgettable vacation memories for their customers.

Kurious - Branding and Mobile App

DreamYards is an online education company based in San Francisco, USA, dedicated to developing learning applications for K12 children. Their mission is to make learning fun and enjoyable for kids through high-quality original content and immersive interactive experience.

The logo of the DreamYards company is a spaceship and their branding is space-themed. Kurious is their brand new interactive reading app for picture books. The name "Kurious" means that children are naturally curious and passionate about learning. They needed the Kurious brand to be a part of the DreamYards family and have its own unique personality. For this purpose, a character was created, an ignorant and energetic alien boy who is curious and enthusiastic about everything, loves to wink, and whose name is also Kurious. We crafted a variety of animations for it in order to accompany children to read and play, and to guide them in different scenarios. We are continuing to design the interface for their new features, as well as some of the design in the content.

Client: DreamYards

Project by: Marcato Studio

Year: 2020 - 2022

Services: Branding, UI/UX Design, Illustration, Animation

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